Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ok, For real now. No more two weeks between posts. Its two a week or more from here on out. Come Hell, high water, or house guests.
The craft show was fantastic! lots of interesting stuff. There were, in fact toilet seat covers but not crocheted at all. They were fringed and had pictures of the Madonna, guns and alike. Very cool. There were lots of things I could not afford that I desperately wanted. Such as a huge necklace with a sliver cast lump of barnacles from However I got these beautiful leather and feather earrings from for a reasonable 20 dollars. nice and big, just the way I like my earrings.
Coming up tomorrow, my valentines outfit!

Dress- H&M
Tights- Target (although they are really tight at the top)
Shoes- Forever 21 (impossibly slippery but come on, LOOK at them!)


  1. you're the coolest...

  2. Sweet shoes! Now all we have to do it find the umbrella cuz those babies have to be highlighted.