Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing beats a tourist trap beach in February! very windy but very sunny!
here we have just your every day outfit... like actually every day, I rarely take this off. Its good to have a go-to look! Black tee shirt, jeans, some kind of brown boot with a heel, huge belt buckle and huge earrings (the bigger the better) and a scarf with some kind of funky print.

Jeans- Star fit from H&M
Leather Jacket- From Target. Although not real, this jacket was one of my better purchases this winter. It has lasted the whole season, its not falling apart yet the fuzzy white inside has not gotten pilly and crappy yet and it blocks the wind as only "non-leather material" can. I like that they don't even list the materials, its just non-leather. Whatever that means. jello alpaca blend maybe?
Scarf- Stolen from my sister at a young age. Muhaha
Belt buckle- Given to me by my dearst sister.

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