Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and then she got bangs

My family and I decided against the arduous search for candy and went with the time saving practice of placing all our favorite candies right on the table!

So I got board and got bangs. I went to a place called Liquid Hair Studio in Boston on hip and groovy Tremont street. Very cool place, lots of leopard print and purple velvet and they charge 30 bucks! I had Dana and it was the best hair cut I ever got. In this picture its a little funky from driving all the way to Maine with the window down. but rest assured, its awesome.
Dress- Old Navy
Belt- Target
Shoes- Second Time Around

Friday, April 2, 2010

More San Fransisco pictures! These were taken by Joey Jones in the De Young Museum in the middle of Golden Gate Park. Lots of traveling up and down hills with a very cute but very heavy suit case will make for a very simple outfit!
Leggings- Marshalls. These are nice because they are the soft stretchy kind instead of the more plasticky feeling spandex.
Shirt- H&M fitted at the bottom but nice and loose with slightly flowey arms. Very much love it. I got one in black in the same size but it is way smaller and shaped differently. Tricky tricky!
Shoes- Target, last year.