Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hoooo boy. Every one keeps telling me about this place called the Buffalo Exchange that just opened in Davis square Cambridge MA. I guess they are all over the country. Its like a Salvation Army trimmed down to just the "finds" not that I mind the digging. It is also located right next door to a Goodwill in case you need to fill your needs for a canary yellow polyester pant suit and old man pants. actually that doesn't sound half bad... maybe if the pant suite were GOLD! But I digress.
These boots were one of the four things I procured from this wonderful place. I currently have them on my feet and although my toes have gone temporarily (I hope) numb they will undoubtedly stretch to fit my footsies. the marvels of leather being what they are.
Outfit to match soon...
Photo by Tara Jones. (

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